Upgrading Ramp Queue Management

Ramp Queue Management System

Upgrading Ramp Queue Management dubai technologies

An intelligent transportation system that facilitates the systematic queueing of vehicles in inspection facilities including the monitoring of ramp occupancy and service counter operations, as well as generating reports to capture vehicle turnaround.

The very moment vehicles arrive in the facility’s security gates, the system is in action. The ramp queue management system generates queue sequences according to predetermined categories and also guides vehicles to their assigned ramp.
It can also forecast incoming job loads and schedule inspections based on priority.

The solution helps ease job procedures and improve transparency in the workflow.
Most importantly, it ensures that inspections are carried out in time and that all vehicles are accounted for.

With ramp queue management, inspectors and security guards are also equipped with tablets.
This can help speed things along inside the inspection facility, while still being able to conduct accurate inspections.

The overall objective of the project is to sequentially organize the order of obtaining inspection services at facilities and thereby manage the flow of traffic within the area.
In order to achieve this, Dubai Technologies provided a systematic queuing and a mechanism to generate reports to capture truck turnaround from the ramp, as well as the number of service counters operating at each time of the day.