Sewage Treatment Plant Sampling Automation

Sewage Treatment Plant Automation

Sewage Treatment Plant Sampling Automation

Wastewater pollution runs rampant with manual sampling methods in sewage treatment plants.
The Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Sampling Automation solution solves this dilemma.
Accurate and immediate testing of sewage water discharge in sewage treatment plant facilities is crucial in maintaining the quality of wastewater and sustaining operations.
The immediate detection of contamination of wastewater is also essential for the health and safety of the public.

To make sure that sampling is carried out properly, the sampling activity is done before wastewater dumping on the main facility.
The sampling technique and frequency for wastewater quality analysis is an important factor in securing a sample which truly represents the material is the one that is tested.
The sampling wastewater requirements measures three important chemical compounds: pH levels, TSS levels, and COD levels.

Dubai Technologies has designed an entirely automated process to ensure the viability of sewage treatment plants.
The process begins with the STP automation assembly where drivers will have to connect their pipes and start the sampling procedure accordingly.
This serves as the very first barrier between hazards and the sewage treatment plant facility.

Along with this, the STP sampling automation dashboard which stores and analyses collected data daily and tracks the transaction history of all the sewage tankers that dump wastewater in every facility.
The solution provided eliminates waiting time between sampling results and sanctions towards illegal dumping of toxic waste.