Pioneering Task Allocation Management

Task Management System

Pioneering Task Allocation Management

Dubai Technologies provides a dual application system with a vehicle booking and sharing system that manages individual field services/engineers for optimum labour utilization.
This involves functionalities such as job booking & scheduling, job assignment & dispatch, and job management in addition to monitoring and analysing driver behaviour based on driver scoring and risk rating reports.

There is a backend system that facilitate bookings, dispatch, monitoring and management of the entire fleet, communicating directly to the driver mobile application for automatically or manually dispatching jobs which in turn will communicate with the field engineer application for successful execution of jobs.
The solution also contains several presentation layers subdivided into the manager view, operative view, and mobile view.

The managerial portal provides a comprehensive view of the information related to vehicles, drivers and field engineers.
The operator or fleet manager will have access to live details about vehicle movements, job monitoring and execution, two-way communication to the driver, driver behaviour etc.
and make crucial business and operative decisions.
The manager will be provided a specialised login to the system or he can function as a super admin to oversee all activities related to vehicle operation and movement.

The information available in the booking system will be transmitted to the dispatch/operation module for job dispatch and scheduling.
The jobs can be pre-assigned automatically or manually; also current jobs can be assigned as per the vehicle availability.

The operation portal includes several other operations such as dispatch and monitoring, auto dispatch, schedule monitoring, among many others.
Dubai Technologies presents M-Captain, the smart mobile application to receive, execute and manage bookings received from field engineers to the smartphone or tablets used by the drivers.