Leading Waste Management Operations

Waste Management Operations


Waste Management organizations globally are now progressively industrial IoT systems to monitor trash, vehicles, drivers and customers to optimize many elements of the essential services offered.
A city’s waste removal program is very crucial to its overall operations.

From routes to waste bins to safety and resource management, effective waste collection can have a huge impact on budgets.
IoT offers municipalities a connected solution to manage the waste removal process in a better way.

DT Smart Waste Management system enables the waste management axuthorities to monitor and manage the companies and their fleet that operate waste collection by registering the waste management companies to their network and allot them areas to collect waste regularly upon which they are billed for regular collections.

The system is designed to enable waste management companies to assign their fleet and resources for the waste collection operations.
Companies can monitor driver behavior with the fleet and resources assigned to them.
Based on the bin location and details the routes are optimized, resulting in optimal usage of waste collection fleet and resources thus saving cost and time.
The public can use the smart app to alert the waste management authority for any incident or complaints upon which the waste management authority can assign personals to inspect and act upon the issues.

The system is also capable to integrate with any onboard weighing system.
Thus, providing the most accurate weighments for each waste collection bin lifts.
Allows operations to avoid any overloading of vehicles, further avoiding penalties from the regulatory authorities.
Enables to view the concentration of waste collection in specific locations.