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Leverage in automation and make use of intelligent assets that contribute to building smarter cities today. Dubai Technologies can take everyday operations and help you manage processes in a way that enables your systems to achieve a dynamic equilibrium all on their own with the help of IoT technology.

We create single systems that are made up of unified objectives that increase the overall performance of your business effectively. Empower your systems and processes by opting for our framework which combines everything you need into one comprehensive structure.

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Service Modules

Fuel Management

An industrial fuel dispensing solution and an added feature to the fleet management system that helps manage daily fuel usage.

Car Wash Management

A car wash application that modulates the car wash process in car wash stations through a full-scale car wash management system.

School Management

One platform that bundles various functionalities of schools including Admission Management, CRM, Student Information System, Learning Management System Fee Management and School Bus Management.

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Managing Car Wash Systems

IoT Platform Solutions