Elevating Smart Location Systems

Smart Location System


Port operations management can be challenging in terms of maintaining set-target of vessels, containers, vehicles and ensuring completed port productivity.
Port efficiency is extremely crucial not only for maintaining trade relations, but a multitude of functions related to industry, distribution, housing, and recreation.

Dubai Technologies undertook a series of projects for a major port authority with the aim of integrating the operations of all departments.
A key feature of these projects was to monitor internal trucks (ITVs), forklifts, cranes etc. with high accuracy on real-time location, exceptions and display them on a visualized monitoring dashboard via 2D and 3D navigation maps.

It also involves an interface of the truck’s real-time location to the local terminal operation system.
These systems enabled the Client’s Control Team to monitor the Internal Trucks accurately on real time locations.
We began by implementing and installing complex transport systems for ITVs, RMG (Rail Mounted Gantry) and Cranes, these are spread across the Port region and are responsible for carrying out port operations. We employed our support engineers to work on these heavy-duty machines and vehicles for installing of telematics equipment and overseeing the Cranes, Quay Cranes and truck operations throughout the day. This ensured that the data is continuously received by the system.

We will demonstrate how jobs will be activated and promoted as well as the process of updating TOS with lane number.
Also, we will demonstrate how the expected time of arrival ETA will be calculated in the application.