Advancing Smart School Bus Student Safety

School Bus Transportation Service


Millions of children need to be moved from home to school and vice versa every day.
Safer Transportation of school children has been a critical issue as it is often observed that, kids find themselves locked in the school bus after going to school, they miss the bus, or ride the wrong bus with no way to track them.

RFID technology has been proved applicable in tracking and monitoring children during their trips to and from school in school buses. Also, in many cases, the school bus meets with accidents due to lack of proper safety measures taken.
Smart school bus system provided by Dubai Technologies has been proved to enhance the safety of the children as well as the bus drivers and nannies.

Smart School Bus System is tracking and monitoring of the students and school transportation. The system monitors the pick-up/drop-off of school children to enhance the safety of the children during the daily to and from school.

For the parents, obtaining a safe transport and notifications that their wards have been picked-up/dropped-off is quite a concern these days.
The System offers the features which are technologically advanced and yet delivers simplicity in use.

Live tracking lets the parents as well as the transportation authorities to monitor the location and movement of the school bus the student is in on a real-time basis using advanced GPS/GPRS system.
RFID integration provides an efficient system for maintaining attendance reports.

Every student enrolled in the school bus service is provided with an RFID card which the student shall swipe both on entry and exit from the school bus.
The video surveillance facility provides the school management the ability to monitor school buses.

DT mobile application for the school bus monitoring system provides an interactive platform for real time tracking and ETA notifications.
ETA alerts are sent via SMS or notification to the parents about the estimated arrival time of the school bus.
The child safety system is used to remind the school bus drivers to search their vehicles for any leftover child or sleeping child after each trip.