Remodeling Limousine Monitoring Systems

Limousine Monitoring System

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As one of the smartest cities in the world, Dubai is keen to tackle a key dimension: Mobility.
Consequently, the demand for urban mobility is anticipated to grow drastically.
In line with this trend, Dubai has been witnessing a rapid change in its urban mobility landscape, mostly driven by a growing mobility demand and an innovative ecosystem.

Therefore, it was crucial to ensure security and regulating tariffs for all limousines and taxi services operating in Dubai.
The local transportation authority proposed a regulatory monitoring system that would allow strict enforcement of limousine as well as e-hail regulation.
This would be a centralised system used for presenting precise information about the mobility movements of Limousines, Taxis and e-hails.

The limousine monitoring system provides all functionalities relevant to achieve the governance scope. It will collect live geo-location data from moving vehicles as well as transaction information from external systems and e-hail & limo services following a non-discriminatory approach.

Dubai Technologies' aim was to provide a robust solution that allowed the aggregation of the real-time tracking data for all limousines.
To capture the data, each vehicle will require an in-vehicle device and Device for collecting telematics data, passenger data and driver data.

The system has several stakeholders that gain a number of benefits.
Limousine operators achieve better utilization and operational efficiency of their vehicles. Passengers can be assured of their safety as limousines will be equipped with state-of-the-art telematics and tracking systems.

Critical safety events are prevented with live monitoring of vehicle health and driver behaviour, Intelligent targeting of effort through driver, vehicle and operator risk scores and administration of consequences for non-compliance and recognition of safe driving behaviour.