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Public transportation moves smart cities, without it achieving mobility is next to impossible. Urban development, embracing innovation and automating mass transit fit for the 21st Century is at the forefront in attaining sustainable smart mobility today.

An integrated public transportation solution paves the way for the development of new public transportation infrastructure. Integrating all modes of mobility under one solution with the use of the latest technology customised specifically for the benefit of everyday travelers.

Building inclusive transportation systems is a burgeoning development in Dubai Technologies. Dubai Technologies delivers sustainable public transportation solutions that are in-line with the best practices in world cities today. This includes advanced and dynamic, 360° solutions for city buses, taxis, and limousines.

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Service Modules

City Buses

Smart buses for smart cities. City buses are a more efficient mode of mass transportation with improved and automated bus operations.


Cloud-based technology enhances taxi operations by meeting increased demand, a greater advantage from manual operations.


Structure and simplify limousine management and operations with a streamlined system catering to limousine operators and their customers.

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Remodeling Limousine Monitoring Systems

Public Transportation Solutions


Moving Taxi Management Systems Forward

Public Transportation Solutions