Automating Rent-A-Car Operations & Services

Rent-A-Car Management System


A comfortable process of creating and maintaining an agreement. Once a tariff is defined, agreements can be created with tariff suggested by system according to the rental vehicle selections made by agent. The vehicles will be assigned as per availability of the vehicle for the requested period.

The vehicle as per operational requirement can be delivered, replaced and put under custody for certain duration.
Agreements can be closed with auto collection and invoicing.
The invoice amount will be auto calculated from tariff assigned to agreements at time of creation.

Invoicing can be done in different stages. Multiple times during a rental period or one-time during closure.
Individual agreement can be invoiced, also multiple agreements can be grouped and invoiced. Invoice can be split as rental, Salik, fine, fuel etc. Discounts and additional fare module can be used for adjusting invoice amount.

All non-revenue movements can be recorded and accounted in reports.
Also, while vehicles are under non-revenue movements they will not be available for operations.
Maintenance module is available to manage and monitor vehicle maintenance schedules.
Alerts are available to highlight violation of any pre-defined policies.